Fine Dining at Aqua

Set out on a world tour of flavours at Aqua, our multi-cuisine Pollachi restaurant. It offers a fine dining outlet near the Ambarampalayam River amidst the stunning beauty of nature while enjoying panoramic views of the serene river. The interior of our Pollachi family restaurant greets you with a cosy ambience and charming wooden furnishings, concocting the perfect atmosphere for quality time with family or a romantic rendezvous with your partner.

Give your taste buds a bonanza of flavours from our kitchen with Pollachi special food like the evergreen varieties of Dosas and Vadas, the soft idlis, and the chutneys with Sambars. Or dig into the numerous chicken items like Chettinad Chicken, and Chicken 65. Some Pollachi famous foods like Biryani, Chicken Fried Rice and Chicken Noodles are also available here. So, immerse yourself in a memorable dining experience where flavours and nature harmoniously intertwine.