Best Hotels in Coimbatore - A Gateway to Nature's Bounty

Coimbatore, fondly known as the "Manchester of South India," is a vibrant city in Tamil Nadu. It's a prominent textile hub and boasts a rich industrial heritage. Coimbatore's charm extends beyond its factories. This city is an ideal base for exploring the natural beauty of South India, nestled amidst the foothills of Nilgiri Hills and Anaimalai Hills. Nature enthusiasts flock to Coimbatore for trekking adventures, wildlife sightings in national parks, and serene escapes to waterfalls.

Ibex Resorts: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences

Ibex Resorts offers a collection of luxurious resorts strategically located to provide guests with the best of Coimbatore's natural beauty and hospitality. Whether you seek a relaxing riverside retreat or an adventure amidst the mountains, Ibex Resorts has the perfect getaway for you.

a green house in the centre with people sitting inside and greenery around it - Ibex Resorts
block of the Suite Rooms with coconut trees covered on the side at Ibex River Resort, Pollachi

Ibex River Resort, Pollachi

Spread across sprawling 20 acres of lush greenery, Ibex River Resort in Pollachi is the best place to stay in Coimbatore. Imagine unwinding in one of our 14 exquisitely furnished Executive Deluxe Rooms or River View Suites, each boasting a private balcony overlooking the glistening river. The resort caters to families with a dedicated children's play area, while the refreshing waters of the Marina, our in-house swimming pool, offer a welcome respite. Indulge in a delightful culinary experience at Aqua, our multi-cuisine restaurant, tantalising your taste buds with different cuisines. Ibex River Resort also features four well-equipped event venues, perfect for hosting grand celebrations and creating lasting memories.

Ibex Stays & Trails, Valparai (Misty)

Nestled amidst the serene embrace of Annamalai Tiger Reserve Forest in Valparai, Ibex Stays & Trails offers the best accommodation in Coimbatore for nature enthusiasts. It provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Choose from our three distinct room categories – Premium, Executive, and Deluxe – each designed to cater to your comfort and preferences. Embark on a culinary adventure at our in-house restaurant, where delicious meals await. Our private viewpoint offers breathtaking vistas for those seeking moments of peace and reflection. Take leisurely walks amidst the lush greenery, listen to the melodious songs of birds, and reconnect with nature at Ibex Stays & Trails.

exterior view of executive room with stunning hills views outside and seating area1 - Ibex Stays & Trails, Valparai (Mistly)

Ibex Resorts, with its commitment to exceptional hospitality and stunning locations, is your perfect choice for exploring the beauty of Coimbatore. Book your stay today and discover a world of comfort, adventure, and unforgettable experiences.