Kodanad View Point

Kodanand View Point, Tamil Nadu is the perfect getaway place at the top of the Nilgiri Hills. Located at an elevation of 6,500 ft., this view point lies 18 km from Kotagiri. The breathtaking panoramic view of the lush green valleys covered in a blanket of mist, and tea estates offers the travellers a scenic glimpse of nature at its best. Through this blog, let's embark on the journey to explore the majestic Kodanad View Point.


How to Reach

Kotagiri to Kodanad view point distance is about 18 km, and it will take approximately 35 minutes to reach the destination. Visitors can opt for their private vehicles or local transport to reach the idyllic spot. Once you start ascending the winding roads you will be captivated by the beauty of Nilgiri unfolding in front of your eyes. Tea estates and dense forests surround the roads to the view point. As you climb higher, the air starts getting cooler and the unparalleled beauty of the hills greets you. The place is particularly renowned for its majestic sunrise and sunset views when the sky is painted in hues of orange and pink.

A man with a blue backpack gazes out over a lush green landscape from the viewpoint.
A wide angle shot of lush green valley with patches of beautiful flowers.

Magnificient Views

Beyond the stunning vistas, visitors can witness the paddy fields of Thengumarahada Village lying below, the Bhavanisagar Dam's reservoir, various tea estates, Tipu Sultan’s garrisons (Ali Rani Koli), and the Moyar River. You can also see The Moyar Gorge located between the Deccan Plateau and the Nilgiri Plateau, which joins the River Bhavani across the valley. Up from the watchtowers built in the view point, you can also catch a glimpse of the Rangaswamy Peaks and Pillars. To top it off the Kodanad View Point also houses a diverse array of flora and fauna. Visitors can spend time exploring the wilderness, spotting indigenous birds and vibrant flowers that adorn the hillside.


Things to do

If you are in Kodanand, the local cuisine is a must-try. Visitors can savour the authentic flavours of Tamil Nadu at the nearby eateries where traditional dishes like Dosa and idli are served with a generous amount of love and hospitality. Additionally, you can shop for souvenirs and handicrafts crafted by the local artisans reflecting their regional culture.
That's not all, for visitors who are also photography enthusiasts, Kodanad Viewpoint Tamil Nadu offers them a stunning panoramic view of the Nilgiri hills. From soft morning rays lighting up the mist-covered mountains to the golden hues of the setting sun, you will have endless opportunities to capture a perfect shot.

A shop selling colourful and traditional pieces of clothes
an early morning shot of sunrise from the view point.

When to Visit 

Every season at Kodanad View Point in Kotagiri reveals its unique allure. From the verdant vibrancy during the monsoons and mist-veiled mornings in winter to the rich tapestry of colours in autumn, each period offers a distinct experience. The best time for a visit is between October and March. During these months, the weather is cool and comfortable, ideal for enjoying the breathtaking views of the Nilgiri Hills without the extremes of heat or heavy rain. Moreover, the lush post-monsoon scenery in September and October further enriches the visual splendour, making it the perfect time for exploration.

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